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This two-day workshop will go over the foundations and guiding principles of dash, starting with simple examples on the first day and more advanced use cases on the second day. Each section of the Dash workshop will be focused around complete examples that the attendees can run on their own computers. Attendees will learn the principles of Dash by customizing these examples through gentle, interactive “challenges”.

This workshop is taught by the author of the Dash library itself, with help from other Dash solutions experts at Plotly.

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Montréal | Boston | Washington DC | NYC


By the end of this workshop, you should be able to leverage interactive visualization techniques to perform/present data analysis tasks/findings using the R package plotly. Though it would be beneficial to have some prior knowledge of R and ggplot2, we do not require it, and as such, we avoid assuming pre-existing knowledge as much as possible. Furthermore, this workshop is not designed to make you an R programming expert – it’s designed to get you doing powerful things quickly regardless of your experience with R or programming in general.

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Our two day workshop is intended for programming beginners who want to upgrade their existing toolset and learn Python to extract insights from data. Easy to learn, powerful, and flexible; Python is quickly becoming one of the most popular languages used for data analytics.

We will cover the foundations of programming in Python and learn how to use three industry-grade, open source libraries for data analysis and visualization:

Jupyter notebook as a programming environment and exploration laboratory
Pandas for data importing, cleaning, and merging
Plotly for interactive and flexible visualization

Programming novices welcome. Experience not required.

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