Dash Master Class

Boston (April 14-15), Washington D.C. (June 9-10), New York City (Nov 17-18)

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Workshop Overview

Chris will walk you through his own creation Dash.

Dash is a new open source library for creating user interfaces in pure Python: no Javascript required. Dash allows you to bind interactive controls like sliders, dropdowns, and search boxes with interactive output widgets like graphs, tables, and text boxes.

This two-day workshop will go over the foundations and guiding principles of dash, starting with simple examples on the first day and more advanced use cases on the second day. Each section of the Dash workshop will be focused around complete examples that the attendees can run on their own computers. Attendees will learn the principles of Dash by customizing these examples through gentle, interactive “challenges”.

This workshop is taught by the author of the Dash library itself, with help from other Dash solutions experts at Plotly.

Chris Parmer

Chris is a co-founder of Plotly, co-author of the Plotly Python library, and creator of Dash.

Day 1 – Introduction to Dash

– What’s Possible in Dash: The Dash Gallery Tour
– Getting Started with Dash: The Dash `layout`
– A tour of available Dash components
– Architecture: How does Dash work?
– Basic interactivity with Dash `callbacks`
– Advanced interactivity with Dash `callbacks`: multiple inputs, multiple outputs
– Making Dash apps data-driven with Pandas and SQL
– All about Dash `Graph` component
– Learning how to troubleshoot
– Deploying Dash apps

Day 2 – Advanced Dash and Dash Best Practices

– Comprehensive guide to crossfiltering
– Styling Dash Apps: Design and CSS Pro Tips
– Concepts of `State`:
– Dash App Performance: Caching and parallelization
– Overview of Dash Roadmap – What’s going to be available this year
– (Optional – for attendees with Javascript experience): Building your own Dash components